A Futuristic Interconnected Digital Classroom for Quality Education Delivery

Edyounet TeleClassrooms Limited provides a digital platform for educational institutions to digitally connect with Classrooms set up in various places.  A Digital TeleClassroom is equipped with Large LED Screen and allied Computer peripherals.  Live Classroom sessions conducted from TeleStudios will be streamed LIVE on to the Large Digital LED Screen. Students can see the teacher who conduct the lecture session. Students can also ask questions to the Teacher instantaneously. The Digital Classroom is so interactive that Students will always feel that they are attending a normal classroom session!

How Edyounet Digital TeleClassrooms work?

Teachers use the TeleStudios set up in the premises of Universities and Educational Institutions to offer courses.  These TeleStudios are linked to Edyounet CentralHUB through a specially configured connectivity.  Digital TeleClassrooms set up are also linked with Edyounet CentralHUB.  Hence, both TeleStudios and TeleClassrooms are connected seamlessly to conduct LIVE classroom sessions.

Own a Decent, Hassle Free and Profitable Education Venture in your Home Town

Start a Futuristic Edyounet Digital TeleClassroom in your area. Courses offered by prominent Educational Institutions from Big Cities will be streamed LIVE into your Edyounet TeleClassroom.

Students in your locality will come and attend such course offerings. They will greatly benefit from such quality courses offered by quality Institutions.

Who can set up a Digital TeleClassroom?

Edyounet TeleClassrooms are set up on Franchise Model.  A potential business person like you may understand the possibilities of starting and owning such a Futuristic Learning Centre.

What are the Features of Edyounet Digital TeleClassrooms?

Many Courses from Many Universities and Course Providers
100% Interactive and LIVE classroom sessions
Excellent quality World Class Education
No need for Students to Travel to Big Cities to get quality education

What is the Business Profitability of Edyounet TeleClassrooms?

Course Fee sharing is the Revenue model.  Course Providers decide the Course. TeleClassroom Franchisee will collect fee from students and share a portion with Institutions.  The infrastructure cost will remain almost same even when more students joins for the course.  As more students join for  the concerned course, the share of Fee will also increase providing an excellent business profitability of less expense and more income.

What are the Advantages of TeleClassroom Business Model?

  • Bouquet of Courses offered by many Course Providers from many cities in India an Abroad
  • No worries of organizing study materials and managing teachers
  • High quality education made available for local students
  • Almost NO competition for TeleClassrooms
  • Lower investment to set up TeleClassrooms
  • Less management hassles since it is a centrally organized business
  • Ideal for self entrepreneurs with low investment capability

How to go about if you are interested to start a TeleClassroom?

Edyounet TeleClassroom Franchisee is available only to eligible candidates who are passionate about providing quality education.  Franchisee will be alloted after a successful face-to-face or video conferencing interview. If you find this opportunity interesting, kindly get in touch with us immediately.
Investing in a TeleClassroom Franchisee is a Social Service to provide Excellent Quality Education to the Students in your locality.

A Business that will give you great satisfaction along with handsome Profits!

Decision is yours!


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