How Edyounet help?

How can Edyounet help you to set up a TeleClassroom in your Locality?

Edyouet TeleClassrooms Ltd is the first and only TeleClassroom Network in India.

TeleClassroom encapsulates a unique concept of delivering quality education from prominent educational institutions across the world on the TV Screen of a local classroom in any part of the world.

Edyounet TeleClassroom Ltd has all the technical expertise and business know how to set up and run TeleClassrooms anywhere in the world.

Registration and Evaluation

As a TeleClassroom prospect, you need to Register with the portal with all the details of the entrepreneur and the details of the place where TeleClassroom is intent to be set up.  As we found the information satisfactory, we will enable your Registration and you will be good enough to go ahead with the setting up of TeleClassroom.

One Time Setup Fee

Before starting the process of setting up a TeleClassroom, We will be able to provide you a FREE Sample Demo of how TeleClassroom functions.  Once satisfied, you may go ahead and pay up for the Set up cost of Rs. 50,000/- (Rs. 10,000/- per Segment of Course)


TeleClassroom set up has a number of equipment that are to be procured from elsewhere.  Edyounet will guide you to procure the right equipment and advice you on the installations of it. The equipment, including a 65” LED Screen would cost you around Rs.85,000/-

Classroom Specification

Edyounet will be able to help you have a proper specification for the TeleClassroom set up.  A well laid out classroom set up is essential for proper provision of quality streaming of courses.


Edyounet will provide you with the entire software systems that are required to set up and run the TeleClassroom.  It will have the Streaming Software Application and the Course Management System.  Edyounet will also give you proper training for the operation and maintenance of the software systems so that you will be able to manage the same without any hassles.

Business guidance

Edyounet has gathered good amount of information as to how to efficiently run a TeleClassroom set up.  We will also be able to advise you as to how to go about promoting your center to Students.  Daily running issues like Students Admissions, Fees collection, Course Management etc will also be sorted and trained for better management.

Course Additions

Edyounet will be adding Education Institutes to the network.  This will be a continuous activity.  As more and more Education Institutes join with the network, you will have more and more courses on offer and that will ensure that more students and more profits.

Edyounet TeleClassroom Franchisee is a hassle Free business set up.  Take it up and ensure you own a profitable and decent business in your locality.


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