How much it costs?

How much it costs to Set Up a TeleClassroom?

The normal cost of setting up a TeleClassroom is Less than or around Rs. 3,50,000/-.

The Premise

A TeleClassroom should have at least 500 to 1,000 sq. ft. area in a prime location for the convenience of students. The interiors are to be well designed as per Edyounet guidelines. Standard TeleClassroom designs are insisted upon to ensure that a universal standard is maintained across all the classrooms. Provision for a receptionist/councilor is mandatory. The seating arrangements will be in accordance with the directions of Edyounet.

Investment model to start an Edyounet TeleClassroom Franchisee

The investments are in three parts:

  1. Hardware Cost – Investment for LED Screen, computers, Microphone, Writing Pad, Camera etc.
  2. Software and Server Integration Cost – Investment for setting up a virtual servers
  3. Platform Provision Cost – The provisioning of this Business Platform with Educational Institutions and Various Courses on a ready rolling basis.

1. Hardware Cost

TeleClassroom can work EITHER on 55" or 65" LED Screen. TeleClassroom Franchisee can decide which Screen Size to be installed in his TeleClassroom depends on the classroom area)
55" LED Screen – Rs.35,000/-
(or) 65" LED Screen – Rs.55,000/-
Accessories – Rs.25,000

Rs. 60,000 to 80,000 will be cost of Hardware etc. (UPS etc will be optional based on local electricity situation)
(Franchisee can purchase all these items directly. All these items are available from e-commerce sites or Malls on EMI basis with zero percent interest. No up front investment needed. All prices are indicative.)

Internet Connectivity: Rs.2,000-5,000

Edyounet can help you get information about required hardware at a much reasonable cost compared with standard market rates. We have tie ups with hardware vendors, who will provide equipment at wholesale rates. The vendors also offer after sales technical support for at least a year. As their products are already tested and found compatible with Edyounet software, they are highly recommended.

2. Software and Server Integration Cost

One Time Software and Server Set Up cost: Rs. 45,000/- for EACH Segment
( What is a Segment? – Edyounet provides courses in Two Segments namely:

  1. School Tuitions
  2. Regular / Professional Courses
    – Degree / Professional Courses
    – Test and exam Preparations
    – Software and Technology Courses
    – Language Courses
    – Coaching,Training & Seminars

Tele Classrooms can offer all these Course Segments in the same classroom in various timings depending on the possibility of getting students.)

TeleClassroom Franchisee has to separately pay for Software and Server Integration Cost for these TWO Course Segments.

Software cost includes set up charges for virtual servers and the client management and administrative softwares for each Segments. The set up is offered by Edyounet and includes 100% technical support.)

3. Platform Provisioning Cost

Edyounet provides you a Business Platform.  By virtue of being a TeleClassroom Owner, you are directly connected to so many Educational Institutions who offer various excellent Courses.  You will be able to start offering these courses right from the first day onwards. Platform Provisioning Cost is Rs. 2,00,000/-. Platform Provisioning Cost is charged only for the First TeleClassroom.  If a TeleClassroom Owner decides to set up one more additional TeleClassroom in the same Premise, along with the First one, Platform Provisioning Cost will not be charged.

Some Additional Fixed and Running Costs that also would incur:

Infrastructure Cost:

Classroom Chairs: minimum 10 Nos. @ Rs. 750 – 1,500 per piece (More chairs can be put depends upon space)

Office Furniture: as the case may be

Infrastructure cost includes furniture cost such as students chairs, councilor tables, computer tables and allied furniture.  However, infrastructure cost will not include, cost of air conditioner, doors, partitions, flooring and ceiling, painting, or any such interior or exterior work.  On other words, it includes only furniture required for functioning of TeleClassroom, Logo and standard signages etc.

All costs mentioned are exclusive of applicable Taxes.

Monthly Operating Expenses

Office/Establishment Maintenance Expenses:( You may calculate this based on the rates prevailing in your area)

  1. Rent
  2. Electricity
  3. Internet Connectivity Charges. Rs.1,000 – 2,000 per month
  4. Streaming Charges payable to Edyounet: Rs.2,500/- per month per Segment
  5. Staff Salary
  6. Printing and Stationery
  7. Mise Expenses

Advertisement and Promotional Cost

  1. Brochure Circulation through Newspaper insertion
  2. Posters and Banners
  3. Other Local Promotions

Local Advertisement and Promotions are the basic running cost of TeleClassroom.  Publicising the education offers in the concerned TeleClassroom and acquiring more student registrations for such courses are the key to success.  Local advertisements and promotions are to be invested by TeleClassroom Franchisee depending on the market size and the courses that are on offer.

Compared to many retail business set ups, TeleClassroom is a low cost yet a Profitable  Business set up.

The advantages of setting up TeleClassroom are:

1. Highly Profitable
2. Systematic and Organized Business
3. No Hassles of organizing and administering the business
4. Availability of variety of Tuitions and Courses
5. Low investments
6. Low running costs
7. No stock or inventory to manage
8. Not labour intensive. One person can manage
9. No bad debts. All fees to be collected in advance


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