How it works

How does a TeleClassroom work?

A Video Conferencing Education Solution called TeleClassroom

Before you sign up for a TeleClassroom, it’s important that you know how it works.
All Edyounet TeleClassrooms are different from the conventional classrooms that you are used to. Equipped with large LED screens and related computer and internet connectivity gear, these TeleClassrooms are interconnected well with ‘Education Studios’ through internet fibre cables.

Video conferencing based Digital Classrooms

Education sessions in TeleClassrooms in way are video conferencing. Teachers and Students communicate with each other.  An ultra modern video conferencing platform is tweaked towards providing Education.
Teachers log in from their concerned location and offer live lectures on the stipulated subjects.  Students attend to such lectures from their local TeleClassrooms. The entire classroom sessions are so interactive that they resemble normal classrooms.

Features of TeleClassroom

TeleClassroom platform has so many tools for Teachers and Students to ensure that their education sessions are conducted using scientific enablers. It has digital writing boards, slide presentation system, video players and desktop streaming etc.  These enablers help build an effective learning environment in a TeleClassroom.

What are ‘Education Studios’?

Education Studios are digitally equipped studios set up in cities that are renowned for their quality educational institutes. Educational course lectures are delivered by learned teachers in these studios. The lectures are further transmitted to all TeleClassrooms on a real time basis via quality internet. Students sitting in various TeleClassrooms across India can listen to the lecture simultaneously.

How is it different from educational programmes broadcasted on national television?

Edyounet TeleClassrooms use internet connectivity for two way communication. As a student in these virtual classrooms, you can freely interact with the teachers. You not only get to ask them questions but also get instant replies from them.
Wow, but this whole hi-fi set up must be quite costly. And this would make the courses expensive.
Quite the contrar! Edyounet, in association with National Level Data Connectivity Providers, has connected TeleClassrooms with Education Studios all over the country. The use of internet for connectivity makes this communication possible at amazingly low rates.

In fact, the most attractive aspect of this kind of education is its low operational and investment cost. To say that education through TeleClassrooms is an excellent proposition at the lowest possible rates would not be wrong.


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