Possibilities and Profitability

Possibilities and Profitability of running a TeleClassroom

Edyounet TeleClassroom is delpoying a futuristic Digital Classroom Network.  Every TeleClassroom has a large LED TV Screen connected to internet.  The large TV Screen will have LIVE classroom lectures conducted by Teachers from many prominent Educational Institutions.

Edyounet TeleClassroom will be connected with so many such educational institutions across the world.  Courses offered from those Educational Institutions will be made available in TeleClassrooms.

Students can join and undertake those courses that are available in TeleClassroom.

There are very many possibilities and profitability in running a TeleClassroom.


Edyounet TeleClassroom opens up a great possibility for the Students to take up courses that are available in many large cities and elsewhere.  There are many takers for quality education from larger cities. Making facility for providing such courses and education in your locality is a great business opportunity.

By setting up a small TeleClassroom in your locality, you can quench the thirst of the youth for quality education.

It makes absolute business sense.  With a cost of around INR 3,50,000/- one can set up a TeleClassroom.  All equipment required for setting up a TeleClassroom are easily available.  Once the TeleClassroom is ready to roll, courses are readily available.

Courses are available in Two Segments:

  • School Tuitions
  • Regular and Professional Courses
    – Degree and Professional Courses
    – Exam and Test Preparations
    – Software and Technology Courses
    – Language Training
    – Coaching, Training and Seminars

Through these various categories of education delivery, one TeleClassroom can cater to the requirements of almost all Students in his locality.


Setting up a TeleClassroom is a low cost affair.  It costs about a lakh and half to get the Classroom up and running. There are very few expenses that are there to take care of to run the business.

As a TeleClassroom Franchisee, one need to find out which all courses are on demand in his area.  Select such courses from the list of courses and subscribe for them.

TeleClassroom collects the fee from students and pay a lower fee to the Educational Institution.  The remaining is the profit of the Franchisee.

Leaflet insertions in local News Papers will be good enough to reach out to Students and get the Institute popular.

Since the fee payable to Educational Institutions is pre-fixed and lower in nature, enrolling more students for available courses ensures handsome profit for Franchisees.


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