Profitability of TeleClassroom Franchisee

Edyounet TeleClassroom offers various courses in Five different segments.

  1. School Tuitions
  2. Professional Courses
  3. Exam and Test Preparations
  4. Software and Technology Courses
  5. Language Training

Once a TeleClassroom Franchisee is setup and started running, he has to separately Register for all these Five Segments by paying One time Set Up Cost for each Segment.

TeleClassroom Franchisee needs to search for offerings in all these segments depending on the requirements of the courses in his locality. For example, if the demand in the area is for School Tuitions, Franchisee needs to find out the offerings in School Tuition Segment or if the demand is for IIT-JEE entrance, he needs to search for institutions who offer that course in Exam and Test Preparations Segment.


The Course Fee to paid to Educational Institutions will be deducted from an e-wallet maintained by the Franchisee.  Franchisee puts some fund into the e-wallet.  Whenever the Franchisee takes up the classroom session, Session Fee will be deducted automatically from the e-wallet and paid to the concerned Educational Institute.

Franchisee may regularly replenish the e-wallet balance based on the course and requirement.

Every Course will be divided into as many Sessions.  One session is for One Hour. Even School Tuitions will have certain number of prescribed sessions for each month.

The Fees for each such Sessions will be known to the Franchisee well in advance.  Based on this, Franchisee can calculate as to how much Fee to be charged to Students per session so that all his expenses and profit will be covered.

Profitability Calculation

(For example: A Teacher or an Institute is charging Rs.400/- per session for a particular School Tuition Subject.  Assume that the per hour running cost of the Franchisee is Rs. 200/-.  If Franchisee charges a Fee of Rs. 100/- per hour per student from a group of 10 students, he will make a profit of Rs.400/- per hour. For 8 batches/hours, he makes about 3,200 gross profit per day. For a 25 day working Franchisee will be able to make a profit of Rs. 80,000/-.  More profit can be generated by getting more students as the course fee and the per hour running expenses will remain the same.) (Though the figures may sound arbitrary; the mode of calculations will remain the same). Please feel free to call us up for more details about profitability calculations.

Why should a TeleClassroom Franchisee be Profitable?

The set up cost and running costs are extremely low.  The main cost of a coaching class or tuition center is the Fixed Salary for Teachers.  (You also may admit the fact that it is very difficult to get good quality Teachers and even more difficult to manage them!)

Since the cost of Teaching is reduced to hourly basis on a pay only if you use mode, you end up paying for Teachers only when you have sufficient Students for the course. (You do not subscribe for a course, if you do not get enough number of Students for that course).

The second reason for being profitable is:
There are so may courses available to match the demand of the locality.  You can take up any course for which students are available without bothering the availability of Teachers.  This is a great boon of Edyounet TeleClassroom. Availability of various course to meet the market demand is one more reason for its success.

Low operating or running cost is another reason why a TeleClassroom Franchisee will be profitable.  The major expenses will be Rent and Advertisement etc.  Bandwidth is cheaper and Fee per Session also will be cost effective in Edyounet TeleClassroom operation.

Hassle free management is its speciality. Subscribe to a course, get students, ensure that the Classroom is conducive.  That’s all.  A TeleClassroom can function without any complications.

Edyounet TeleClassroom Franchise business is a very low cost, hassle free, profitable, decent and futuristic business. Set up a TeleClassroom in your locality and provide quality education to the students in and around. You will have a profitable business venture always running for you!


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