State Marketing Associates

State Marketing Associates

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Conditions to become a State Marketing Associate (SMA) for Franchise Development:

  1. Has to set up One TeleClassroom as a show piece in a place preferred by the SMA
  2. Appoint at least 10 Regional Marketing Associates (within 3 months)
  3. Enlist at least 10 TeleClassroom Franchisees in every Calendar Month (from the forth month onwards)

Terms to become State Marketing Associates

Who is SMA

TeleClassrooms are added into the Network in all States of India through Direct Marketing Efforts.  Every State will have minimum Four (4) State Marketing Associates (SMA). SMA will be a Marketing Agency or a Senior Marketing Professional with ample amount of experience in the filed of preferably Franchise Development or in high ticket sales with vast business contacts in his State. Memberships in various Business Associations or Clubs will be considered a plus.FeeThere is NO fee charged for becoming an SMA for a State. (If any potential SMA wants EXCLUSIVITY for a State, a ‘One Time, Non-Refundable SMA Exclusive Fee’ will be levied.)Selection ProcessThese SMAs will be selected on the basis of Application, Personal Meeting and Selection.

Regional Marketing Associates

State Marketing Agencies will have to appoint minimum 10 Regional Marketing Associates under them in the designated State within 90 days of taking up the SMA. Regional Marketing Associate will be either a Marketing Agency or a Senior Marketing Professional on full time or on part time working basis. Every RMA will typically have one Revenue District as its Business Area.


The Remuneration for SMA for adding TeleClassroom Franchisees is purely on SALES COMMISSION basis. Edyounet Offers Fabulous Sales Commission to SMAs. (The Sales Commission will be discussed and explained during the Personal Meeting). SMA will share this Sales Commission with the RMA in a Ratio agreed between them. Edyounet will not be party to that arrangement.

TeleClassroom Set Up

SMA will have to set up ONE TeleClassroom as a show piece either in his Office or as a separate running set up.  This is an ESSENTIAL Condition for awarding the rights of SMA.  SMA does not need to pay Platform Provision Charges for TeleClassrooms as long as it remains as SMA.  Nevertheless, Software and Server Integration Charges for BOTH SEGMENTS will be applicable. (Read How much it costs to Setup a Tele Classroom?) This Sample TeleClassroom can be used as a full-fledged running TeleClassroom and conduct business there and earn the usual income and profit.

Responsibility of RMA

Regional Marketing Associates (RMAs) will have responsibility to identify potential TeleClassroom Franchisees and bring them to SMAs for further discussions and finalization of Franchise Agreements.

Selection of RMA

SMAs will identify and offer RMA Rights to potential Marketing Professionals or Agencies all across the designated State to identify potential Franchisees.  RMAs may or may not be employees of SMA.  Neither SMA nor RMA will be employees of Edyounet TeleClassrooms Ltd.

Remuneration for RMA

Remuneration paid to RMAs will be commission or salary depending on the terms and conditions between SMA and RMA.  Edyounet will not interfere in that.

Number of RMAs

SMA will have to ‘appoint’ at least 10 RMAs in the designated State within 90 days of taking up SMA rights from Edyounet.

Reporting Rights

Only SMA will have the Rights to Report to and communicate with Edyounet.  Edyounet will not entertain or deal with RMA.

Business Targets

SMA will have a target of acquiring minimum 10 Franchisees within a Calendar Month from the designated State.  This can be easily achieved through the RMA Network.

More Information

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