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Edyounet invites you to join this educational revolution that is about to storm the nation by evaluating the possibilities of setting up a TeleClassroom in your area. Not only do Edyounet TeleClassrooms Franchisee business offer great profits, they also offer social satisfaction for the Franchisee. Some other reasons for its success are non-existent competition along with low investment with early and excellent profitability. As a Edyounet TeleClassroom Franchisee, one can have a hassle free, decent education business in his/her area of living.

Why to start your own TeleClassroom Education Franchisee?

Today, in India, there is a huge gap between the demand for good education and the availability of it. Through TeleClassrooms, Edyounet is trying to bridge this gap. Good educational institutions are situated at large cities whereas a major chunk of students come from small towns and villages.
Millions of students who aspire for education in these premier institutions are deprived of it because of limited seats. They don’t have enough funds to meet the huge expenses involved in it. This lacuna is now to be filled by Edyounet in partnership with TeleClassroom Franchisees.

The Technology

What makes all this possible? An innovative software setup developed by Edyounet can connect numerous TeleClassrooms across the nation with Educational Studios set up at prestigious institutions. World class education imparted at these educational studios is streamed to hi-tech TeleClassrooms equipped with LCD screens, microphones and other audio-video gadgets on a real time basis through the internet. No matter what part of country you live in, Edyounet TeleClassroom can reach out to the remotest corners of India to bring high quality education to your area.

The Costs Involved

With an Edyounet TeleClassroom Franchisee, you will be able to provide an excellent opportunity of world class education to the students of your area. This is possible at a fraction of the cost one would assume. At the same time you make a neat profit working as an independent business owner without running pillar to post arranging for experienced staff or worrying about managing an educational institution.


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