What is TeleClassroom?

What is TeleClassroom?

TeleClassroom means ‘Distant Classroom’.

TeleClassroom facilitates live, interactive, distance education. Along with the development of Information Technology, TeleClassroom became a reality. TeleClassrooms are normal, traditional classrooms with one major difference. There will not be any teacher physically present in the classroom. Instead, a Large Display Screen will be made available in the classroom onto which, lecture sessions of teachers from Educational Institutions situated in Big cities, will be streamed live. Therefore, a classroom where Live education is offered to students by a teacher from a distant studio is called TeleClassroom.

Thus, TeleClassroom is a distant display center for an Educational Institution, whose teachers can teach from Educational Studios set up in their premises. Students attend to the live lectures sitting in TeleClassrooms.

TeleClassrooms are ideal for Educational Institutions to offer their courses to students who stay in remote places. And for students, this facility is a blessing because they do not need to travel to cities and places where prominent educational institutions are situated.

TeleClassrooms are centrally connected to a technology HUB. Studios in Educational Institutions are also connected to the HUB. This ensures seamless flow of data to both Educational Studios and TeleClassrooms.

TeleClassroom Equipments

TeleClassroom is highly interactive in nature. Teacher’s video will be transmitted onto the Large Screen. These screens are normally made of LED panels to ensure excellent clarity of the video. TeleClassrooms will have very good sound systems and microphone systems too. Microphones help students to ask questions to teachers during the class session.

The Teacher and the Studio

Teacher has many enablers available in the Studio, such as Digital writing Board, Slide Presentation, Video Streaming etc. Students can see on their Large Screen what teacher writes. This feature helps teachers to use the functionality of a writing board for teaching. Students can also write on the screen using a writing pad available with them. This enables the teacher and students to collaborate their work. Using slide presentation and video playing facilities, teachers can offer students in TeleClassrooms excellent learning experience.

Why TeleClassrooms?

TeleClassrooms solve the issue of unavailability of quality job oriented education for students who stay in villages and remote places. Here further, as far as education goes, there’s no difference between village and city students!

Edyounet TeleClassrooms Network is a honest approach to fill the education gap for generations to come.

Be part of it. There’s a revolution in the offing to ensure availability of job oriented quality education irrespective of geographical disparities. And let’s be at the forefront as evangelists and change makers!


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