Where to Start?

Where to Start a TeleClassroom?

Success of any business depends on its location.  Ideal location is the key.  TeleClassroom is no different.

TeleClassroom is in the business of offering quality education to students. Its location and its ambiance should match with its offerings.

Proximity to Schools and Educational Institutions

Proximity to Schools and Educational Institutions is a definite plus.  An area where many students flock around is an ideal place.

Road facing

A road facing location is also an ideal place to start a TeleClassroom.  Visibility itself will be a good reason for its success.

Transportation facilities

Proximity to transportation facilities is also a must.  Easy approachability is essential for TeleClassroom as the customers are students who need to come to the classroom regularly.

Quality surrounding area

Quality surrounding area is also to be taken into consideration.  TeleClassroom should be situated among good quality business establishments.  This is essential for giving confidence to parents to send their children to TeleClassroom.

Good for Late Evenings

TeleClassroom functions in late evenings also.  The area should be secure enough for students to come and go even in late evenings.

Sound Proof

TeleClassroom runs on TV Screen.  It creates a bit more loud noise.  It should not be a disturbance for the neighboring people and business establishments.

Quality of internet

Quality of internet is crucial for the running of TeleClassroom.  The place selected should be good enough to get excellent quality internet at any given moment.


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