About Us


Edyounet TeleClassrooms Limited is incorporated in 2012 in Kochi, Kerala, India. It has Marketing Offices in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Edyounet TeleClassrooms Ltd (www.edyounet.com) has rolled out a concept called ‘TeleClassrooms’, a distance learning digital classroom set up in Towns and Villages to impart quality training. TeleClassroom is a traditional classroom with a large LED screen with its allied computer and other gadgets. The LED Screen streams live, interactive lecture sessions conducted from TeleStudios set up in cities. TeleClassrooms help to stream quality education courses from cities to remote Towns and Villages.
Edyounet has a B2B model namely Edonix (www.edonix.com) available for Education Institutions to offer online learning.
In addition to the TeleClassroom network and Edonix, Edyounet also deploys cloud based interactive classroom solutions for Corporate Training Purpose, namely, Streampax InterAct (www.streampax.com).
Edyounet’s sister concern Edorient Technologies provide e-tutoring solution, Tutormine (www.tutormine.com) which links independant Online Tutors to discerning students across the world.


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WhatsApp: +91 98957 59579